January 2024 , was founded during one of the most difficult times in world history; we are a byproduct of staying strong during the global pandemic. Our singular focus is to provide customers with unparalleled value. Value that extends beyond the elements in the bottle, and into the utility they can experience everyday. One that ensures that both people and nature, exist in harmony. One that inspires them to achieve their dreams, and grow beyond circumstance. In supplying our customers with the quality across the supply chain, and rich elements in the water we serve them, we consider that we are working together. As customers support us, we experience success together, since our brand mission is to raise the quality standard for daily drinking water, globally.
Any journey worthwhile is drenched with challenges and setbacks. However, along the way, concepts, idioms, and people inspire us to stay strong when turning ideas into reality. At we are pioneering the future, paving a new path forward that can solve the world's clean water supply issues, utilizing technology and ingenuity. From our initial roll out of our sustainable bottled products, to the incredible innovative products and services we have designed and will be rolling out in phases over the next several years.
Working together, we can supply the world with the highest form of daily drinking water, one enhanced by purity, vitamins and minerals. I look forward to the challenges we will overcome, and the success we will enjoy, in making the world a healthier place. 
Stay Strong,
Anthony Bold
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